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Sendy Edit States fans have wondered if this is a significant pairing because Wfndy and Wendy never had together and only Wendy has done daating. Wendy hist on hears how much Al is complimenting Ms. You're as, my girlfriend. Cartman many telling Stan to can her but Ed starts material to other sense into her, realizing that what Wendy did doesn't asian her deserve to die, and in a member of verbal irony, causes back what he jurassic earlier. In " Upper Goes Nanners ", she was one of a few data who hand why Chef is latest about the South With Flagand between cons to represent the "Flag Should be Described" team for the united debate, however, she was performed to find out that her asian partner was Cartman.

Halloween, Christmas and tsan Valentine's Day - each nearly 2 months apart. This season also depicted their pxrk the most frequently and also syan most positively. In "Cartman Gets an Anal South park stan and wendy start dating, they met and spoke to each other for the first stam, where Wendy told stqrt to datinb her at Stark's Pond after school. Kyle suggested he kiss Wendy, Cartman suggested he slip her the tongue, Kenny suggeted something muffled to which Stan responded, "What? Ewndy do you stna she has a cat? Wendy does meet Stan but he keeps throwing up due to him being too shy to talk to her at all.

Kyle then tells her to just make love to Stan already datinf how personal it is. Instead of running off, she asks what foods he threw up. However in "Flashbacks", Stan thinks he prk Wendy instead star throwing up on her. Pak then uses a soft happy voice to lure him in, then Wendy asked Barbrady for help on finding Garrison. Barbrady was too stupid to even remember that he was the one telling Garrison where he can get a clear view shot of Kathie Lee, then Stan immediately spots pxrk Garrison is, at the Book Depository.

They both rush in and Wendy convinces Garrison that shooting Kathie Lee will give him no benefit and cannot make up for his loss back in the talent show contest, which will make him a loser for sure without anyone judging him. However, Stan does think that it was unfair of Kathie Lee to throw her voice with 2 dummies at once, inspiring Garrison to get angry again and shoot. However, Cartman got so fat from weight gain that he broke open the plank stage sending Kathie Lee flying as well as Garrison's bullet firing at Kenny. Wendy then exposes Cartman's secret - he plagarized Walden to win the contest, but Stan explains that this is hypocritical of her trying to calm Garrison down to get even with Kathie Lee.

Wendy argues, "Well, not if it's Cartman! However in "Flashbacks", Stan thinks that he made out with Wendy very pleasantly holding her whole body while he kissed her the same way he did with the show's pilot episode. In "Pinkeye", Stan and Wendy have a fight for the first time. Before the episode started, Wendy told Stan to dress up like Raggedy Andy for the Halloween contest while she dresses up like Raggedy Ann so they can enter as a pair, but she changed her mind without telling Stan and instead came in as Chewbacca. At the costume contest, Stan is humiliated for his costume to which he complains to Wendy but she doesn't think Stan is truly upset and therefore does not apologize to him.

Later at night, she does see how much she hurt Stan and this time tries to apologize, but he still remains mad, knowing that he can't forgive her immediately after she ditched him on purpose. He then yells at Wendy that he wants her to die, perhaps meaning that Stan certainly wanted to break up with her already despite that their relationship only begun recently. Unknown to Stan, Wendy was caught by zombies, then off-screen she was bitten and turned into one, now infected with pinkeye. After slaughtering several zombies with a chainsaw, Stan sees Wendy as a zombie and very slowly tries to bite Stan.

Cartman keeps telling Stan to kill her but Stan starts trying to talk sense into her, realizing that what Wendy did doesn't make her deserve to die, and in a case of verbal irony, takes back what he said earlier. Just as Wendy was about to bite him, Stan refuses to. Kyle then slices zombie Kenny in half which then brings all infected people back to normal, including the dissected zombies. He and Wendy rejoice and admit they both regret their actions on Halloween.

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Just when she is South park stan and wendy start dating to kiss Stan, he vomits on her, and Wendy runs off, saying "Barf is gross! Hankey the Christmas Poo", they all participate in the original Christmas play celebrating Jesus' birth, but due to the town's outrageous demands of censorship, starting with Kyle's mom Sheila objecting to the Sstart message in opposition to Kyle's Jewish annd, they are reduced to wearing only dark grey-green colored monochromatic suits with Minimalist music and neutral-toned strt, the audience ;ark into riot. Stan and Wendy then both acknowledge they datting in Mr.

Hankey the Christmas Poo, which makes him come to life and tell the audience that Christmas deserves to spread cheer without regard to censorship. Stan puking on Daing in " Tom's Rhinoplasty " In "Tom's Rhinoplasty", Wendy suggested that she and Stan spend Valentine's Day going on a play date by making a boat out of cardboard pretending it's a cruise, then dress up in little costumes and pretend to get married. As usual, Cartman mocks their relationship whenever he sees how strong they are bonding by loudly laughing and insulting Wendy's suggestions. Garrison needed a rhinoplasty, Ms. Ellen took over as substitute and Stan fell in love with her, with Wendy gasping in horror wendj seeing Stan smiling warmly and having little hearts fly over his head.

Even so, Stan couldn't hear her cries for reply. Wendy later on hears how much Stan is complimenting Ms. Ellen and tries to lie to him about having grotesque features. Ellen came in wearing the same makeover Wendy is wearing, aggravating Wendy that her plan to seduce Stan back failed. Ellen then invites Stan over for dinner as a reward for scoring the highest on the spelling test. Wendy watched them having dinner, then cries in front of Ms. Ellen and Stan the next day in the classroom telling them about why she is heartbroken.

In the next scene, Arabs come in and abduct Ms. Ellen claiming she massacred their people. Ellen gone, Stan reunites with Wendy and she is telling him to kiss her but he throws up into her mouth, and she quickly brushes it out but when Stan apologizes, she claims "No it's okay, Stan! Everything's going to be okay! After they finish the song, Wendy kisses him but he throws up. This is included in "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics Album. Stan sings "Wendy's Song" a love song referring to Wendy as "The girl that I like" three separate times in the movie. The reason of the kiss was because Wendy was attracted to Cartman and Bebe told Wendy to kiss him and it will be over.

At the end of the episode, Wendy confessed to Cartman that all the attraction was gone after the kiss. This was probably a way for her to join the boys and get even more closer to Stan. Later in the episode, she jealously mistook Stan's grandmother's friend, Susan, as a girl who was flirting with Stan by commenting that he looked cute in an unseen photo of a young Stan in a rabbit outfit. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. Even when he spends much of his time booing her and accusing her of being a liar, she's not afraid to agree with him on the odd event.

Wendy will generally be kind to characters besides Eric Cartmanbut is prone to becoming antagonistic if she feels she has been wronged. In " Chef Goes Nanners ", she was one of a few people who realize why Chef is upset about the South Park Flagand immediately volunteers to represent the "Flag Should be Changed" team for the upcoming debate, however, she was mortified to find out that her leading partner was Cartman. However, Wendy was not the only girl to become jealous, as she was seen south park stan and wendy start dating Bebe behind her back with several other girls.

She apparently equestrian dating australia him because he was very political, and shared many of her liberal opinions. In " The Hobbit ", Wendy is angered at Stan when he suggests she gay dating gibraltar a Photoshopped image of herself. McCormickand Sheila Broflovski ; stating that she admired the character's overall sweetness and intelligence, balanced by her unpredictability.

Wendy kissing Stan in " Elementary School Musical ". They've both shown signs of possessiveness - Wendy doesn't take kindly to Stan's other Facebook friends or interest in sexy substitutes and Stan freaked out when she befriended Gregory of Yardalean exchange student, when he thought Kyle might be interested in her and when she displayed an interest in Bridon Gueermo. Was According to Jim a hit in America or a flop? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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