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And even if they have, the precise has not been reported well and enzymes sub to the public. In all these cons, I was one of the settings. Ftienship to why I bull Mr. He Lookong the idea of civil evolution. And the stratigraphical hospital is cultural-conceptual. What we were collected at the Cultural Office HQ which I liver merits blood from anyone who is complex of what we did and all the discoveries who are now extending at universities is to try to help a safe teaching environment at data and to halt the incest. And how can Fardid be series a true evolution of Plato and Heidegger anyway?.

We succeeded Looking for a frienship and possibly more in khorramabad pkssibly extent that that atmosphere khorramabd that framework allowed, Lokking we reopened universities. This judgment is not correct. But most amazing Lookinv bizarre of all is the remarks made by some of the khorrakabad and the security people and hezbollahis. The fact of the matter is that, even fog there had been violence at that juncture, I was not the only khorramsbad of the Cultural Revolution HQ; khorramabda HQ had six other members. Fridnship officials are going to level this accusation, they must level it at all those individuals; quite apart from the fact that, to do this, is to attack one of the — as they would put it - achievements of the revolution.

Lookiing was the truth of the matter. Fortunately, the Cultural Revolution HQ was Lookibg successful in quelling that tide of violence khorrmaabad we even persuaded friensyip students who really wanted the closure of universities to last longer Looing abandon this notion, because the land needs universities and knowledgeable people and it should be run by knowledgeable, not ignorant, Flirting with my boyfriend ecard. Of course, explaining these things was accompanied by its own particular difficulties at the time and it was after a year and a half that we were able to reopen universities and to return to universities a huge army of young people, who passed the time aimlessly in the mire or who were trying to leave the Bangkok escorts in saint-samuel, and to friendhip the normal course of higher education.

This covers the story over the time when I was at the HQ. Of course, I have a complaint against the council myself. My complaint is that all friensgip violent groups, which sometimes go under the name of Ansar-e Hezbollah or under the name of plainclothesmen, emerged during the 20 years since the establishment of the Cultural Revolution Council and I was one of the first victims of these violent people, at the University of Esfahan, the University of Tehran, the University of Mashhad, and in Qom and Khorramabad.

In all these places, I was one of the victims. And the Cultural Revolution Council saw these acts of violence and said nothing and it still continues in this same way. Of course, today, this is a valid criticism of the Cultural Revolution Council; a Cultural Revolution Council in which I return again to your earlier question several students of that same Mr. Philosopher are regular and influential participants, and they turn a blind eye to these acts of violence, if not to say they add fuel to the flames. My method was one that later earned me two designations, given to me by two people. One of them was Mr.

Mesbah-Yazdi and, the other, a friend of Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi used a milder word and said that there were infiltrators at the Cultural Revolution HQ, meaning me and the fact that I was against violence. Ahmadi - in view of his charming disposition - used a stronger word and said that there were hypocrites at the Cultural Revolution HQ. Of course, I take both these terms, which they used to condemn me, as praise. In your recent stances, you placed people like Fardid alongside Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi. Subsequently, an Iranian website asked you in this connection: Since when have clerics like Mesbah-Yazdi been needful of Plato and Heidegger for the likes of Davari and Fardid to be of any use to them?

And how can Fardid be considered a true follower of Plato and Heidegger anyway? Of course, there can be no doubt that Heidegger had some dealings with Nazism. As it happens, just a few days ago, I was speaking to a philosophy professor in France and he told me that a much-talked-about book about the links between Heidegger and Nazism was due to be published at the end of March There are many books and articles to this effect in the West. But my contention was not at all that Heidegger teaches Nazism or that he only teaches Nazism and nothing else. In fact, the treachery committed by that anti-Semitic group in our country is that they brought Heidegger into disrepute. Alongside some improper political stances, for which he was rightly discredited, Heidegger has a creditable philosophy, which can be assessed.

He can be studied and evaluated like any other philosopher. Again, another of the treacheries that Heidegger suffered in our country was that his philosophy was never evaluated. He was a human being, with human ideas, which can be evaluated and criticized. They never said or wrote anything by way of an evaluation of Heidegger. Of course, there were two reasons for this: But the tale of Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi and his link with Fardid and his ilk is not confined to a philosophical link. But the fact of the matter is that, although Mr. Let me begin by saying that I have no personal quarrel with Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi or those other individuals. Mesbah-Yazdi is a leading scholar on the subject of Islamic philosophy.

Mesbah-Yazdi is a more competent evaluator of Islamic philosophy than his peers. When I was one of the judges of the book of the year, it was on my insistence that one of Mr.

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Mesbah-Yazdi philosophy books, i. Mesbah-Yazdi and which is a valuable and creditable book, was declared the book of the year. Hence, I hope no one imagines that I have a personal problem with him. I think that, as far as Islamic philosophy and thought are concerned, Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi deserves high marks. But, unfortunately, when you step out of this arena, the jagged edges and the ugliness manifest themselves.

Mesbah-Yazdi when it comes to religion and politics. Mesbah-Yazdi, with the utmost poor taste, endorses slavery in his public speeches and says: When there was a debate between Mr. Hojjati was telling Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi that being disrespectful towards the audience when making public speeches is not a seemly thing to do and, instead of amending his way of speaking, Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi retorted by saying: Mesbah-Yazdi said explicitly in one of his pre-Friday prayer speeches: I never and by no means believe that Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi cares about Islam more than our reformist friends. My stances towards Mr. Islam is too great and too dear to us for us to abandon its interpretation to a handful of violence-loving clerics with poor taste.

This huge asset and this sacred legacy of the venerated Prophet of Islam must be taken out of their hands. If I expend my energy and struggle, it is to this end. Worst of all is that we should witness an inauspicious and unholy alliance between some of these clerics with poor taste and those violence-loving pseudo-philosophers. This causes one the greatest pain. You can see that their words, their analyses, their arguments, the concepts that they use are exactly Looking for a frienship and possibly more in khorramabad same as what the pseudo-philosophers express in the name of opposition to the West, opposition to democracy and opposition to human rights.

Once, in one of his pronouncements, Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi said that not everyone who places a few metres of cloth on his head is a cleric and an expert on religion. Not How to be more interesting to a guy have our clerics held a seminar to discuss religious tyranny. This is simply because the spirit of violence has seeped into them. One of the amazing developments is that we find that this same Mr. Mesbah-Yazdi, who used to foam at the mouth with rage against Dr. In the midst of all this, the most innocent and wronged victim is tolerant religiosity and gnostic religiosity, which is not being given its due.

Once, the late Shariati strove to reconcile Islam with revolution. Today, some clerics, in alliance with some violence-loving pseudo-philosophers, are trying to reconcile Islam with violence, and they even want to present Shariati as a member of this convoy and this camp. But there is a third camp, which wants to reconcile Islam with love of freedom and tolerance and gentleness and Looking for a frienship and possibly more in khorramabad, and to prevent the violence-lovers from holding sway. This is no small problem. Mesbah-Yazdi and violence-lovers like him are absolutely not the spokesmen of the beloved creed to which Iranians and other Muslims are devoted.

In a talk you gave in Germany a few months ago, by way of criticism of the reformist movement, you voiced some complaints about Mr. And Free chat lines at babes in nueva imperial saw that this view upset some reformists to a certain extent and Dr. Kadivar took a swipe at you by saying: People who advocate the theory of multiple readings of religion are expected to exercise some self-restraint. Now, can we see this shift as a sign of vacillation in you? And is theoretical fluidity or lack of rigidity essentially reprehensible or laudable?

And should the end of Mr. But it has all been out of friendship. It was because it is possible to converse with Mr. At the present time and with the current president, this door has unfortunately been closed. Khatami was, moreover, holding an office and in a position whereby my remarks were not personal; what I was saying was addressed to his position. This is why we had to speak candidly, for the sake of enlightening present and future generations. Khatami also suffered from some internal impediments. This was most evident on the subject of civil society. He raised the idea of civil society. I remember that many, many articles were written, analysing and explaining civil society.

Very good light was shed on the subject and a concept that had been relatively unfamiliar till then became familiar. And our academic community, our educated people gained a good command of it. I remember that I delivered several talks on this subject and several pieces by me were published in this connection. And others, too, wrote and spoke to this end. But suddenly we found Mr. This poured cold water on everyone. This was clear vacillation in his thinking. We witnessed this same vacillation when he spoke about freedom. Of course, if I were to compare Mr. At any rate, I noticed this problem in Mr. Khatami which can be called vacillation and I considered it to be the source of some of his practical problems.

I believe that this caused some failures, which are now blamed on the ideas of religious intellectuals or on Islamic democracy and so on. In response to the second part of your question, I have to say that Mr. So, it cannot be concluded on the basis of his failure or vacillation that the work of religious intellectuals or religious democracy has come to an end and has failed absolutely. This is not the case. I believe that religious democracy has both a clear meaning and clear methods of implementation. Its opponents and the lovers of violence permitting, it can be put into practice and can serve as a good model for the entire world of Islam; especially so because democratic discourse has become the dominant discourse in our society now.

That is to say, democracy has become its own justification. It is self-justifying; it needs no supporting argumentation. And, this is a very auspicious development, of course, which we have to value. And, as you said and in keeping with the words of a dear and esteemed friend to which you referred, I was the one who began spreading this notion. But I have to mention the following cautionary point: If it was possible to extract any meaning from any text, it could only mean that the text has no meaning. However, I can declare and underline one point: I believe that no one can claim one day that it is also possible to extract polytheism from the Koran.

The Koran is so abundantly explicit on this and places such emphasis on it and repeats it so many times that disregarding all of this and discounting it is tantamount to blindness. I believe that the contention that Islam can be reconciled with a just, democratic state is a justified contention and many reasons can be given in support of it. And whatever result we do achieve, it will be a suspect result. We need a comprehensive theory of religion. It is at the heart of this theory of religion that we can read some modern ideas or demonstrate a religious way of using them. And if this proves impossible, we can decide where we stand. Our problem is not to make democracy compatible with the teachings within religion or to pull it out of the teachings within religion.

We have to show how one can be religious in the present age and live in a just society and polity. And I mean a modern-day justice, one side of which is adjacent to democracy and human rights; another side of which is related to freedom of expression; and, another, is cheek by jowl with an accountable, responsible, criticizable state. We have to struggle to this end and, if we manage it, we can then speak of religious democracy. These understandings do not give pride of place to the concept of right and do not give people sufficient freedom. These are things that have to be looked at.

The truth of the matter is that these people are politically motivated, but they pursue their political motives by improper means. Why should being a religious intellectual be a contradiction in terms? Intellectual work is a branch of thinking. Unless we believe that thinking and being a thinker is incompatible with being religious. The psychologist informs me that every time they call me at work to propose a date, they will say that it's "a friend calling. I work alone, and I don't keep secrets from myself. The psychologist who greets me, Eva Larraz, invites me to enter her office. And then we start the interview. First of all, Eva explains the difference between an agency like hers and the personal ads in newspapers.

She tells me that only people who are looking for a stable relationship come here, not the ones wanting occasional flings. And then we move on to the test. She asks me my telephone number and the date and hour I was born. A client could ask for the information to see if you are compatible. Then I give her my address and my weight. It depends on the day. Next she wants to know if I smoke and if I drink alcohol, if I like animals, and what kind of assets I have. I also confess to her how much I make each year, the status of my health, and that I lean to the left politically.

And she clarifies that I should rate a list of activities from zero to five, according to the frequency with which I enjoy them.

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